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Friday, January 10, 2014

New Digs

That little red arrow-dot on the map above is where Allison Hall is located, renamed since the small Methodist congregation that recently joined forces with another here in Carlisle moved on, and the church became part of Dickinson College Campus.

The cross on the steeple came down, the gorgeous main church became a gorgeous meeting hall, the community room downstairs was modernized with an updated kitchen and gathering space for students, and, best of all, a small chapel on the first floor has become an interfaith sanctuary!

This is the first time in the College's history that an interfaith space has been officially designated, despite the many years of multiple faith traditions gathering and worshiping on Campus, sometimes in whatever free space could be wrangled from semester to semester.  

I'm pleased to announce that the sanctuary will soon be the new home of the LeTort Spring Sangha and the Thursday Night Meditation Group.  There are several small changes that are still in the works to make the room truly faith-neutral and welcoming, but I am so grateful to have been invited to use the sanctuary. 
It will be the first time in the the building's illustrious history (C.  1892) that Buddhist Liturgy will be offered, that Japanese incense will be burned and the Nembutsu chanted.

We may, in fact, be the only Zendo around that features not only a piano but also an organ!
I'll take it! Wasn't it Peggy Jiyu-Kennett, Roshi who used the piano in her Liturgy and re-wrote Gregorian chants to reflect Zen principles?  Who knows if that's what is in store for our interfaith sanctuary!

Thursday Night Meditation is open and free to all.  Please enter through the double door that is still marked "Church Offices", climb the stairs and join us in the Canson Chapel, (soon to be re-named as well).  Take a seat or find a cushion.  Settle in.

Time Is Fleeting
Do Not Hold Back
Appreciate This Precious Life!

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