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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Super Moon Dance


On this summer night
All the household lies asleep,
And in the doorway,
For once open after dark,
Stands the moon, brilliant, cloudless.

Jusammi Chikako  (c.1300)

Tonight is the rising of Super Moon.
It is the only time this year when our moon will be close enough to Earth to appear 14% larger and brighter.  
Tonight, the moon will pass within approximately 221,000 miles of our planet, a distance which "normally" measures about 238,000 miles.

The weather report for South Central Pennsylvania is not ideal for Super Moon viewing--in fact, I doubt we will see it.  But don't be fooled.  The moon will still be there.  Ocean tides will rise a little higher and sink deeper, to reveal an ocean bed rarely seen.  
Rivers, streams and lakes will feel the pull, animals will be extra vigilant, every plant will lean in a bit deeper, bowing to mystery.

As for this human animal, can I allow the full moon to stand in my open doorway?
Can I invite this moon in while all the household sleeps, to kiss my hair and wash my skin, to charge up the blood-root, the heart-root, the root of fearlessness? 

Super Moon is happy to illuminate what I attempt to hide through fear and delusion--will I comply, just for one night, and accept a moon beam's shape-shifting, mysterious smile?
Super Moon does not care what she reveals--the view is indiscriminate.
Can I simply be there, without sensation, conception, discrimination, awareness? 

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