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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Find A Way To Change The World, Part 1

A friend of mine has launched a new blog about her experiences as a volunteer worker at the Helen O. Krause Animal Foundation, a non-profit, no kill shelter for dogs and cats, here in South Central PA.

The blog is called Lemony Squeezes and can be accessed at

Lemony Squeezes has beautiful stories and photographs of each cat she interacts with, and it's heartening to know that even with their difficult lives, these cats are still trusting of human contact--one blind cat recognizes the sound of her shoes and voice and now lifts her head in acknowledgment of Lemony Squeezes presence.
Another claims the first round in her lap for attention, and the other cats know to wait, their time will come.

Each of the cats in her care has a story, and sometimes the story is really terribly disturbing. We are entrusted with these innocent beings, yet here they are, abandoned, often living out their lives in the shelter.
Of course, in all cases, it's far better at Helen O. Krause than it was in their previous "homes".

Every year, the local newspapers cover a few stories of animal cruelty that are gut wrenching and completely bewildering. Claiming to adore their animals, these folks have lost all perspective on what it means to take care of their animals.
The most recent story is of a local couple who hoarded 20 cats, then left the cats to fend for themselves when they moved out of the apartment...and moved only half a block away. And police found plenty of cat food in the apartment, just not available to the animals!

I won't go into the details of this particular story, because we all know of cases like this, and the appalling lack of responsibility and ensuing tragedy for these animals.
Suffice it to say, those cats that are still alive from the latest horror story, will perhaps find themselves at Helen O. Krause, or one of the other no-kill facilities in our community. Perhaps they will finally be the recipients of Lemony Squeezes TLC, and they may even find new homes where they can be compassionately cared for!

If you would like to know more about the Helen O. Krause Foundation, you can visit their website at:

And thank you Lemony Squeezes for the work you do! I love your blog and the energy and creativity you bring to your volunteer work!

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