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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A New Vision

Ah, Vacation! This is where my wonderful husband took me.
A view from the top of the tower, looking across to Mohonk Mountain house in New Paltz, New York. Only 90 minutes from New York City, Mohonk is one of the best natural treasures of our country and is designed to be discovered through its miles and miles of incredible hiking trails, formal gardens, lakes, wild blueberry and raspberry rambles, wildlife and of course, incredible food and service!

One of several little huts that surround the property at Mohonk. Some of these huts were perched like hawks on steep aeries, almost waiting to take off into the open blue sky. A wonderful sense of Shunyata prevails here!

The week before our vacation, we traveled to D.C. to take in the Tibetan Shrine from the Alice S. Kandell Collection & exhibition Realm of the Buddha: Situ Panchen, at the Sackler Gallery of the Smithsonian Institute. We were fortunate to attend a dharma discourse by Khenchen Rinpoche. He is a part of our lineage at the Blue Mountain Lotus Society, so it was particularly exciting to hear him speak and then have our katas blessed. Osho Ginny, Almost-Osho Brooke, Khenchen Rinpoche and Khenmo Trinaly in Washington D.C.

And on May 22, my Dharma Brother Chris and I were officially recognized as having completed our 3 year Priest Studies Program, under the directorship of our Sensei, Anthony Stultz. We graduated, but now we are preparing to complete our oral exams and then celebrate our formal ordination as Osho in the Order Of The Dragonfly! We may have our diplomas in hand, but there is still quite a path to travel--it's just called life, and I embrace it with all my being, allowing the True Self to manifest in what ever manner it finds Liberation, for all

What a month! And on top of all that, we celebrated my Mother's 80th birthday, 2 of my 3 children landed awesome jobs, one got engaged and I gained a new son!, we celebrated a friend's 4th marriage ("I finally got it right"), and I passed the first half of my exams.
Mockingbird, wish me luck!

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Rosetung said...

the little hut!
did you get my email? its not to this gmail you have on your site here...
its a picture of your vase in a new spot :)
congrats on the program completion!
peek at my new blog when you get a chance
very busy lately. wanna think of a guest post for BLS! eventually...