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"Spiritual powers and their wondrous functioning--hauling water and carrying firewood." --Layman Pang, upon his realization

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This is what my brain feels like some evenings after Priest Studies.
There it is, 2 fried eggs in thimble sized brain can barely keep up with the information coming in!  How the Lotus Sutra pulled it all together, why the 4 Abidings are also called the Brahma Viharas, and what exactly is the theory of Non-Reality and why do I care?
Sometimes, I'm just left sizzling in my own frying pan.
Sure, I jumped in.
And I'm not done yet.  There are many ways in which I never will be.  
So I suppose I could take this food/cooking motif and just say that, sometimes I feel wonderfully done to a turn.  Other times, I know the spices I dash into the soup are my special blend, I'm pulling whatever I can out of the cupboards, and it makes such a wonderful stew.
If I can't cook with the ingredients at hand, the bitter, the sweet and the sour, I'll have a hard time finding the stew satisfying--all I can offer is what I have at hand, in this moment.  That's it.  Sometimes it means I subsist on Little Debbie Cakes, sometimes I personally fry like two eggs, sometimes the stew pot simmers with sublime aromas and tastes, prompting exquisite dreams. 
Sometimes there's nothing much in the cupboard. Doesn't matter. I find faith in working with whatever is there.  I trust the process.  I find calm abiding. The bowl before me is enough.

Deep Gratitude to my Senior Dharma Siblings, Gin & T.J.


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Karen Anne said...

Dear Ms. Two Fried Eggs,

Can't wait for the Mindful Eating class. I noted that I was quite mindful whilst serving myself waaaaaay too much on the recent holiday, and then, the moment the first bite passed my lips, consumed the rest in some sort of Coma of Denial. Weird. (Or not.)

Your friend,
Ms. Full of Jolly Roundness