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"Spiritual powers and their wondrous functioning--hauling water and carrying firewood." --Layman Pang, upon his realization

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February is never ending, even though there are only 28 days this year.
There have been Gold Finches, both males and females, at the feeder for a week now--how much longer will they stay?  Their tawny feathers are winter-dull.
We went out walking on Saturday and met a friend who claimed to have seen yellow crocus, already open to the heat of the sun, tucked against a brick wall that radiated the sun's warmth.  
I felt as if she was describing where we could find gold nuggets, free money, liberation, Nirvana; her directions were as precise as a treasure map.  And we followed them too, because it was too much of a tease not to go find them and revel in a sure sign of Spring.
The afternoon was late.  The crocus had closed their spring offering inward, but we stood awhile to enjoy the absurd promise.
The next day, my husband planted tiny seeds of 3 variety of flowering perennials.  One of them is Columbine, a favorite of mine.  They are all tucked into their tiny germinating pots, covered with a protective plastic roof, hydrated from beneath by a damp blanket--damp, warm, protective conditions for new seedlings.  
I check this little seedling home every morning, hoping to detect the enticing green shoot.
I can't wait! 

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