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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gratitude Practice--Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 of our 7 Day Gratitude Practice

"In the faces of men and women I see God, and in my own face in the glass, I find letters from God dropped in the street, and every one is signed by God's name.  And I leave them where they are, for I know what wherever I go, others will punctually come for ever and ever."
--Walt Whitman

Begin the morning with your Grounding practice (taking refuge in the True Self) at your Centering space.
Sit 5-10 minutes (or longer) in silent meditation, undisturbed.

Old fashioned, traditional and perhaps on its way to becoming dying art, writing a handwritten letter to express your gratitude to someone is how we will practice today.

While I can appreciate that some of you may balk at writing by hand ("my handwriting is too sloppy, it looks like chicken scratching"), research shows that the simple act of writing can effect everything from *"improving learning abilities to fostering a more positive outlook on life."
*The Huffington Post

Please identify one person to whom you would like to write a letter of gratitude.  If you would like to shop for a special card or stationary for this person, feel free, but frankly, the recipient of your letter will be thrilled even if your words are written on the back of a sleazy cocktail napkin!
The point is, few of us ever receive, or even expect such a gift, especially in our high-tech, fast-paced world; the connection you create through your intentions of gratitude and sincere thanks will resonate indefinitely with the one who receives.

You may deliver your letter by hand or send it through the mail.  You may even choose not to share the letter at all, as in the case of a letter to someone who is no longer available.
Don't underestimate the power of your intention--the energy of writing, of expressing your thankfulness, of delving into the experience of gratitude and allowing the True Self to respond in infinitely abundant.

At the end of your day, journal about your experience of letter writing; was it difficult or easy?  How did your body feel?  What emotions did the letter prompt?
List 5-10 things for which you are grateful, different from yesterday.
Finally, offer yourself living-kindness, using the Metta prayer from Friday.

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