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"Spiritual powers and their wondrous functioning--hauling water and carrying firewood." --Layman Pang, upon his realization

Monday, December 19, 2011

Beauty Under A Full Moon by Kunisada ll (1823-1880)

The Barking Dog

We went up across the ridge for the fun of it.

Didn't need to pack any more wine.

On the precipice, flowers opened, smiling.

By the river, willows grew bright.

In the drizzling rain the village smoke congealed, concealed.

The wind was slight and the grass was cool.

There in the woods' underbrush, startled,

We suddenly heard a dog bark.

It wanted us to know the Master was aware.

--by Master Hsu Yun

for my Dharma Sisters & Brothers at the Blue Mountain Lotus Society, who are always up for a walk along the precipice, and who so generously point out the smiling flowers, in their awareness.
Namu Amida Butsu!

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