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"Spiritual powers and their wondrous functioning--hauling water and carrying firewood." --Layman Pang, upon his realization

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meditation & Book Talk

Thursday June 30th, 6 p.m. at Gaia Fresh Food Cafe, 57 W. Pomfret St. Carlisle, PA, we will gather for our final meditation before July Break. Please bring meditation cushions.
At 7 p.m. we will be discussing Claire Dederer's book, Poser: My Life In Twenty-Three Yoga Poses.
Please join us for one or both events.
Dana graciously accepted.

Some of you have asked, what will I do without the Sangha in July? How will I find the discipline to sit alone?

As the Buddha said, Be a lamp unto yourself!

And don't forget, meditation is a full day's practice, sitting is only part of it.
Meditation begins the moment you know you are awake for the day, even before you open your eyes to the new day.
The first question might be, how can I best honor this day, with wisdom and compassion?
Meditation of tea, meditation of the first day's meal, cleaning house, washing windows, skillfully answering email (there's a good one!), mindful relating to spouse, child and pets, mindful food shopping, with an eye for what has been grown/processed/packaged, how/where/when and what can best serve the bodies you feed, meditation on How Much Is Enough?
A question that changes from moment to moment....
Ending the day meditation, preparing for rest and sleep. Practicing a simple review of the day and what was skillful, what was not....and then releasing all of it in a gentle moment of gratitude and acceptance.

My month away from our little Sangha will include the greater Sangha of Blue Mountain Lotus Society, of my blood family and my chosen family.
I will be traveling to spend a week in CT with my mother (here's a great place to practice, with ones parents!), as well as time in New York City to visit family, museums and gardens.
Another Zendo beckons, and there will be time to spend a weekend at Mt. Equity in Muncy, PA, sitting with a new Sangha and getting to know new brothers and sisters.
And in between the traveling, lots of time to read, bird watch, walk with husband and big dog, pick blueberries and try new recipes, enjoy the organic veggies from the Dickinson College Farm and watch movies....and everything else that will simply unfold....what a luxury!

But ultimately, we carry the Sangha within, no matter what size or shape it may take at any given moment. It's always right here!

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