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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Liturgy For Japan and All Beings Touched By The Earthquake

A: I am the mother playing with her baby, hearing the warning siren, and I am the office worker, feeling shelves falling all around.
(silent meditation) *bell
I am the car driver racing in front of the wave,
and the driver on the bridge which is breaking apart;
I am the young girl watching breathlessly from the hill,
and the grandmother trying to reach higher ground.
(silent meditation) *bell
I am the atomic plant safety worker, seeing water rise and fall,
and the plant executive flooded with information;
I am the mother told to stay indoors, and keep the windows shut.
(silent meditation) *bell
I am the rescue worker, and the elderly lady found alive, five days after the
last wave; I am the father looking for his children's names on The List of
Confirmed Dead, and I am the father finding the names he feared finding.
(silent meditation) *bell
I am the child in a gym shelter, alone, cold and thirsty,
And I am the person far away, wondering how much money to send
(silent meditation) *bell
I am the bird flying in the no-fly zone,
and I am the helicopter crewman, hovering in the no-fly zone;
I am the Harrisburg resident buying potassium iodide tablets again,
remembering Three Mile Island;
I am all beings, waiting.
(silent meditation) *bell
May the people, the land the water, the air and all beings be healed.

May all beings be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.

May we all find wise and compassionate way to inter-be.

--Osho Virginia Parkum, Blue Mountain Lotus Society, Harrisburg, PA
March 20, 2011

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