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Friday, March 4, 2011

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Waters Of March (Aguas De Marco)

March is here, with all its ambiguity and bluster, the promise of Spring, as Jobim says.

This brilliant recording was made at the Montreal Jazz Festival in 1986.
Antonio Carlos Jobim-vocals and piano
Jacques Morelenbaum-violoncelo
Paulo Jobim-guitar

As for the back up singers, well, I'm the one closest to the drummer...if only....
This is one of my favorite Jobim songs, so full of the Dharma it nearly bursts into a full lotus blossom! The words are suchness, pure and simple. Listen carefully, then practice feeling it all and then releasing it!

And high fives to Karen Anne (The Studio at Lillehus), who has posted Jobim's Waters of March on her blogsite, which I opened while listening to a guided meditation on anger, so that I could see what she has been up to.
And floating over the meditation monolog "to take two deep breaths and feel the root of the anger" came the piping of the flute, the playful notes of the piano and Jobim's charming voice simply saying it all:

It's the wind blowing free,
It's the end of the slope,
It's a beam, it's a void,
It's a hunch, it's a hope

And the riverbank talks
of the waters of March
It's the end of the strain
The joy in your heart

Before I even knew that I was listening to music from the blog, along with the meditation on anger, in that split second of having no idea how I had accessed both things, I cracked up laughing, because it was such perfect counter point! And this is what dissolved in those seconds: anger (surprise!), a self-serious, morose, melencholy, swampy sort of blue mood with all its attendant shades of blue.
Sometimes laughing at yourself with Jobim in the background is liberation!

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