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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Music To Enlighten Our Savage Beasts

Wednesday, November 17th, noon to 1 p.m., my friend Kirk Doran will co-host a radio program of Buddhist instrumental music and chants on WDCV 88.3, the voice of Dickinson College. Generation Jones, an hour programed by Joy Verner, will feature a collection of unique and interesting recordings, along with discussion.

Kirk, who is employed in the College's Waidner-Sphar Library, has incredible resources at his fingertips--an awesome collection of books on every aspect and school of Buddhism, videos and DVDs, and even music. And this is a collection that continues to grow, enabling us to access cutting edge presentations of the incomparable Dharma! It is very much a Buddhist treasure trove, and I sometimes feel overwhelmed with the knowledge I will never read, see, hear everything in the collection, but with Kirk's help, I'm discovering just what is available.

Offering a sampling of CDs, Kirk also plans to include a recording produced by Liz Hamill, a Dickinson College graduate who now lives in the Chagdud Gonpa Monastery in Brazil.
Kirk credits his friendship with Hamill for his interest in Buddhism, and for his desire to share this particular music.
On line streaming will also be available at

Thanks ALL for making it possible for our community to deepen our practice through this offering!

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