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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lovely, Lovely

recent works of art & fashion by Jennifer Raish

Opening Reception: Monday, July 26, 6-8 p.m.
Exhibition On View 3 days only: Sunday, July 25-Tuesday, July 27
Gallery hours: Sun 11-6, Mon 11-8, Tues 11-4

Jimena Garcia Studio
164 Stanton Street #8A
New York, NY
Tel: 512-507-9444

If you happen to be in the city this weekend, and want to check out some incredibly beautiful, tough, ephemeral 2-D and Art-To-Be-Worn, please check out Jennifer Raish's exhibition at the Jimena Garcia Studio. The garments are stunningly fresh and creative, using the most gorgeous materials in surprising ways.
As she says in her invitation, "...I've returned to themes of death, rebirth, love and loss; ideas and iconography that appeared in my artwork ten years ago. The show spotlights recent garment designs, while the artwork reveals the history of my aesthetic, the subject matter, and how they have translated naturally into fashion.
The garments are crocheted by hand with natural fibers--mostly luxury wools, silk and stainless steel. These materials, combined with unique construction techniques, have resulted in designs of exceptional tactile quality and unusual beauty."

To view some of Jennifer Raish's work, please visit her blog at

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Rosetung said...

thank you brookie!!
i wish you could come and we could talk about awareness practice and art and how they're sometimes- whats the saying?- one and the same? :) xxooj