The Buddha, The Dharma, The Sangha

"Spiritual powers and their wondrous functioning--hauling water and carrying firewood." --Layman Pang, upon his realization

Saturday, November 15, 2008

First Light, May 17, 2008, Arrives in Springfield, New Hampshire


I am here for death today:

the memorial service at a Baptist Church I will feel awkward in--
behind its white clapboards, beneath the white clock spire;

Elinore Cochran, Carl's wife;
he hired me; I think you took an English course he taught:

Elinore died this past March.

For Elinore, I'll mouth hymns off-key, and eat strangers' foods;
I do not know what I would do among the Buddhists for you.


So, Brooke, be here now:
in this field, the stones like kneecaps of people we knew, warming;

or over there:
the leaves of trees I never learned coming back from black to green:

or up here:
the sounds  like jewels  of invisible birds  spilling out of the light.

--Michael McMahon
for Brooke on her ordination as a Buddhist monk

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