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Sunday, July 20, 2008

I kissed a frog (and I liked it)

Last week we spent an afternoon visiting a public garden along the Hudson River in Cold Spring, New York.  Stonecrop, up until 1992, was a private residence.  Now, for a very modest price, you can wander the gardens and greenhouses freely, taking in an amazing variety of diverse flora & fauna.  It's all here, everything from a traditional walled English garden to a Japanese water garden and pavilion, a bamboo grove and Himalayan Slope, something called a Bramble Ramble (missed that) and the Alpine House, along with all sorts of other ecosystems awaiting the curious wanderer!
This is a view of the Conservatory and greenhouse, which shelters the most tender plants throughout the winter months.  When we visited, the greenhouse was all but empty, and the balcony at the water's edge provided a great view of a big painted turtle swimming lazily in the pond.  On one of the rock islands, "Blackie", resident water snake, sunned himself.  Later, while going through a pine thicket, I saw the sons & daughters of "Blackie", as well as a few common garden snakes.

I've always been a sucker for a handsome frog....

This group shot of cacti and succulents reminded me so much of a family photograph, I had to laugh.  Upon closer inspection, it was a lot like my own extended family:  the few very tall guys in the back, the matriarch in the center with a little bit of elbow room, the couples, the favorite cousins arm in arm, the littlest ones in a jumble at everyone's feet, and here and there, a cactus that had fallen over....yup, there's always one or two of us who dive into the innocent looking frozen blue drink with lots of rum!

Part of the Japanese Water Garden.

A popular hang out of "Blackie's" offspring

81 Stonecrop Lane
Cold Spring, New York   10516
(845) 265-2000

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