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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Discovery Mission

Freestyle Meditation: Finding Your Own Way

Steven Leonard, a young, skillful Zen enthusiast, yoga instructor and member of the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health faculty, is here in town this weekend, doing a great job of bringing meditation to the masses of those who might think meditation is not for them.
Steven's approach is thoroughly democratic; the emphasis is discovering a method that works for you, without the the self-talk about what is "proper" or "right", experimenting until you find a way to simply be in meditation, knowing all the while that even as you find it, it is surely changing...and not to be frustrated by that inevitable change, but to embrace it with joy and excitement, always willing to try something new!

If you think this sounds like an awesome adventure with creative growth and challenge at every turn, well, you're right!  That's how he views the practice of meditation, as well as the practice of life.  There's just enough space here to just be, aware of each moment.
So no need to get hung up on technique or must do, the awareness is the practice.

I like this approach, and really enjoyed sitting with Steven during yesterday's workshop at Yoga At Simply Well, and I hope he will make the trek down from Stockbridge, Massachusetts more often.  We're fortunate here in South Central Penn to have opportunities such as this, right at our fingertips.
If however you missed Steven's workshop, you can always travel to him--Kripalu is a terrific spot, and there are tons of workshops throughout the Summer of which to take advantage.
Steven's next workshop at Kripalu will take place June 30-July 3 and is geared for all levels of practice.

For more information you can check out the Kripalu catalog at:
For more information about Steven Leonard, please check out his personal website at;

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