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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Community Book Talk

Community Book Talk
Thursday June 30, 7 p.m. at Gaia Fresh Food Cafe at 57 West Pomfret St. Carlisle
Even if you've never attempted a yoga pose in your life, there is something for everyone in Poser: My Life In Twenty-Three Yoga Poses, Claire Dederer's engaging journey through parenthood and personal liberation.
The book discussion will be preceded by a silent Meditation at 6 p.m. sharp.
Both events are free and open to all, Dana graciously accepted.
Come join the discussion!

So here is the book that is featured in the uTube video I downloaded here in the blog a few nights ago, and lest you think the video is a parody, there are characters in those 100 seconds that you will also find in the book.
The Yoga Goddess who can do every pose with perfect form and serenity (Dederer is terrified of the Yoga Goddess), Weird Yoga Man (yes, every Studio has one), the stumbling, sleepy headed Mom (been there, done that), the Joined-At-The-Hip Twosome who do every pose together, and of course, your garden variety practitioner, maybe lighting up a cigarette, maybe actually finding repose in asana!

If you are tired of floaty, breathy yoga books, Dederer's book is for you. If you are/were a young parent trying to balance child rearing, job, marriage and your own needs in an endless parade of 26 hour days, this book is for you. If you are/have been a perfectionist, a"good" person, or the "have-to-do-it-all-right-or-else-the-world-will-blow-up" character (I have my hand raised for this one), well, you too will enjoy Poser, though don't be surprised to be zinged with your own moments of uncomfortable recognition.

Even if you've never attempted a yoga pose in your life, Dederer's engaging, humorous and ultimately unflinching self-reflection is wonderfully communicated. Her Ah-Ha moments may have a familiar ring, but you'll also be laughing out loud to make these discoveries with her. And as Mary Poppins says, "Just a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down."

I didn't have far to look when making my own life comparisons with those detailed in Dederer's memoir. It is a sincere, thought provoking book, and I highly recommend it!

Find the book and start reading!


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Mel Def said...

I am on to Amazon to take a look. Thanks for the recommendation!